Hastinapur was Glorified by the Construction of Jambudweep

In the year 1965, during the Shravanbelgola (Karnataka) Chaturmas, Supreme Jain Sadhvi Param Pujya 105 Ganini Pramukh Aryika Shiromani Shri Gyanmati Mataji saw the whole structure of Madhyalok (Middle Universe) along with amazing Terahdweep (13 islands) in her meditation (Pindasth Dhyan) in the holy feet of Lord Bahubali at Vindhyagiri mountain. By great fortune, all her meditational achievement was testified by the ancient Jain Scriptures of 2000 years back like Tiloypannatti, Triloksar etc. and so she developed the deep desire to realize this structure somewhere on the earth. Ultimately, Hastinapur was chosen as the desired site.

After the on foot journey (Vihar) of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Bihar, Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi etc. Pujya Aryika Mataji, along with her sangh, reached Hastinapur Tirth in 1974 and from the same day new history was written on the pages of Hastinapur. It is a miraculous chance that crores of years back, in the end of the third kal (era), the first Ahar (meals)-donor of the first Tirthankar Lord Rishabhdev i.e. Yuvraj Shreyans of Hastinapur saw Sumeru Mountain in his dream and today in fifth (pancham) kal, the whole Jambudweep with Sumeru Mountain is becoming visible on the same pious land of Hastinapur by the inspiration of Pujya Gyanmati Mataji.

Unique circular structure of Jain Geography ‘Jambudweep’ has been constructed with white and coloured marble stones in the diameter of 250ft. Along with it, 101 ft. high Sumeru Mountain of light pink marble in the just middle of Jambudweep, is capable of attracting the masses.

This unparalleled Tirth has been completed in the year 1985 as the national and international centre of attraction. Along with being introductory to ancient Jain literature and geography, it is the research centre for scholars and pious place for spiritual upliftment and mental peace, equipped with all the means for the worship and devotion of Lord Jinendra and modern facilities. The parent institution behind this Jambudweep structure is :

Digambar Jain Trilok Shodh Sansthan (Regd.)
Digambar Jain Institute of Cosmographic Research (DJICR).