The First Step of the Construction of Jambudweep

The foundation stone of Jambudweep was laid down in July 1974 and then in the just middle of Jambudweep, firstly the construction of 101 ft. high scripturally described Sumeru Parvat (mountain) was completed in April 1979. It proves to be a matter of great delight for the spectators when they pass 136 inner steps of stairs to reach near the topmost Pandukshila after the darshan of all the idols of Sumeru Parvat, having 16 Jintemples. They also have the wonderful view of all the rivers, mountains, temples, gardens etc. of Jambudweep structure along with the natural beauty of the surrounding forest.

According to Jain and Vedic Scriptures, this Sumeru Mountain is always considered to be the most sacred and the highest mountain in the whole Universe. Jain Scriptures describe the birth-anointment (Janmabhishek) of all the Jain Tirthankars on this mountain only. The natural or Akritrim Sumeru Mountain of 1 Lac 40 Yojan i.e. 40 crore miles (60 crore kms.) has been constructed for the first time at Hastinapur in the form of 101ft. high model.