The Spiritual Beauty of Jambudweep Campus

Jambudweep, the considered symbol of dignity of Northern India, is the full-fleged spiritual centre in itself. Indian and foreign tourists of all castes get unique peace and happiness by the visit of this holy place. There are 78 natural or Akritrim temples, 122 temples of deity-palaces and 6 Samavsaran temples in the structure of Jambudweep, surrounded by the circular Lavan Samudra, in which pilgrims enjoy by boating. People assemble here specifically to look at the miraculous sight of evening lights and fountains.

Golden Summit of Sumeru Mountain

Jambudweep structure, the model of natural and spiritual beauty, has however been constructed in the diameter of 250 ft., but different religious, academic and literary activities are continuously organized in the campus of 35 acre lands by Digambar Jain Trilok Shodh Sansthan. This Sansthan is famous not only locally but all over the country by the short name of ‘Jambudweep’.
In the campus, there are present different temples named as Kamal Mandir (Lotus Temple), Teen Moorti Mandir, Shantinath Mandir, Vasupujya Mandir, Om Mandir, Sahastrakoot Jinalaya, Existing 20 Tirthankar Mandir, Adinath Mandir, Navgrah Mandir, Rishabhdev Kirtistambh, Meditation Temple, Ashtapad Mandir and Terahdweep Jinalaya. Meditation Temple has been constructed in a specific new and attractive manner and it presents the lively message of spirituality and meditation for each visitor. beauty2
Rishabdev Kirtistambh
Bhagwan Adinath Jinalaya
First Ahardan (giving of meals) of Sugarcane juice to Bhagwan Rishabhdev by King Shreyans at Hastinapur

Inside view of Ashtapad Jinmandir
Ashtapad Jinmandir of Trikal Chaubeesi Tirthankar Idols
Airavat Elephant for the Parikrama of Jambudweep
Devotees perform the Parikrama of Jambudweep by boating
Bhagwan Rishabhdev imparting the knowledge of Alphabets and Numerals to His daughters Brahmi and Sundari respectively.
The Idols of Bhagwan Adinath, Bharat and Bahubali, consecrated at Trimoorti Mandir
First Navgrah Shanti Jinmandir of Northern India; here 9 Tirthankar-idols are consecrated on 9 Lotuses for nullifying the bad effect of 9 grahas.
Meditation Temple
1008 Jin-Idols of Shastrakoot
The Idol of Hreem with 24 Tirthankars at Meditation Temple
Existing 20 Tirthankars' idols (Vidyaman Bees Tirthankar Mandir)