What is Jambudweep ?


The structure of Jambudweep, depicting Jain Geography, is the model of our grand universe. Centrally located Sumeru Mountain is considered as the central point of it. Due to the location of Sumeru, Jambudweep structure has four distinct regions in East, West, North and South. The East region is known as East Videh Kshetra and the West region as West Videh Kshetra. In the South direction, with the prominence of Bharat Kshetra, Himvan etc. mountains, Ganga-Sindhu etc. rivers, Haimvat etc. Kshetras, Bhogbhumis (lands of enjoyment) with Kalpa-Vrikshas (wish fulfilling trees), Chaityalayas (Temples), palaces of deities, ponds, gardens etc. have been shown while same structures have been built with different names in the
North direction, having the prominence of Airavat Kshetra.

Just near the Sumeru Mountain, Jambu Vriksha (tree) in the North and Shalmali Vriksha in the South have been shown. Both of these metal trees have one temple each. If one first reads the description of these structures in scriptures like Tiloypannatti, Triloksar, Tatvartha Sutra etc. and then
observes all the details at Jambudweep, he can gain real knowledge about it.

According to our scriptures, the present world (all the six continents) is situated at the South of the Bharat Kshetra and the rest of the grand Universe is unavailable to us.jambuvriksha