Digamber Jain Trilok Shodh Sansthan
(Meerut) U.P.-250404

With Open hands, Kindly contribute in the different donation schemes Running at Jambudweep, Hastinapur
Donation Schemes
Donation for the development plan of Tirth
Split donation plan if 10/-Rs. per day for 3 years
Split donation plan of 5/-Rs. per day for 6 years
You may get a chance to become life member of our monthly magazine Samyagyan
with the split donation plan of 10/-Rs. per day for 3 years
(The installment to be deposited by you can be paid in every 3 months or as per your convenience.)
Donation for Building construction
Large Deluxe Flats (Attach)
Bunglow (first floor) 8,00,000/-
Other Donation Schemes
Terahdweep Jinalaya Poojan (lifelong) 5,100/-
One day worship in every temple 500/-
one day Aarti of Lord (one day) 200/-
Donation of Medicine (One day) 100/-
Veer Gyanoday Granthmala
Supreme Patron 1,00,000/-
Chief Patron 51,000/-
Patron 25,000/-

(With split donation plan of 10/-Rs. per day for 3 years)

Samyagyan Magazine Membership
Supreme Patron (Life member)(With split donation plan of 10/-Rs. per day
for 3 years)
Chief Patron (for 25 years) 5,100/-
Patron (for 12 years) 1,100/-
Five year Membership 500/-
One year Membership 100/-
Note- The accepted amount can be sent through draft in favor of
“Digambar Jain Trilok Shodh sansthan”
of S.B.I. Hastinapur branch (Code No.-2353)
or P.N.B. Hastinapur (Code No. 3704).
If Branches of said two banks are not available at your natine then you can sent draft through Canara Bank, Meerut (U.P.) Branch or any bank of Meerut Branch.It is also convenient for you to deposit amount directly in our

CBS A/c in P.N.B.-Hastinapur (A/c No.- 3704000100015977 )
S.B.I.-Hastinapur (A/c No.- 11654510085 ).
Remember that your must call us immediately, after depositing money in CBS
You Can direct Deposit money at
PNB (CBS Branch), Hastinapur A/C - 3704000100015977 .