Pujya Shri Chandna Mati Mataji

Unique Disciple of A Unique Guru
Presented by - Aryika Swarnmati
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Lots of Affection, Deeply Rooted spirit of Gurubhakti, Encouraging Mutual Understanding & love between others, Inspiring towards the eternal path of Salvation by adopting Restraint and many others are the characteristic attributes of the noble personality of Pujya Pragyashramni Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji, the life-sketch of whom is being presented here :

The world is full of innumerable creatures but only some fortunate-beings become so sensible as to make sincere efforts for eliminating their worldly transmigration and to proceed towards Eternal Bliss or Salvation. Only such auspicious souls make their lives successful and also become the cause of illuminating the lives of others. Here is the presentation of the outstanding personality of such an Aryika Mata Ji–Pragyashramni Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji, who is the devoted disciple of the supreme Jain Sadhvi Pujya Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji and is fully capable of creating deep impact on the hearts of others through her affectionate behaviour. One, who is indulged in attracting any Bhavya Jeev towards the eternal path of Salvation, propagated by Bhagwan Jinendra, is always adorable because since infinite times this soul is transmigrating in the world being immersed into sensual pleasures.

Birth, Education and Adoption of Ascetic Path

“Km. Madhuri” was born on Jyeshth Krishna Amavasya, 18th May 1958 at Tikaitnagar of Barabanki district (U.P.) to Smt. Mohini Devi & Shri Chhotelal Jain as the 12th offspring. Km. Maina (Presently Pujya Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji) was the first issue of this pair. Daughter Madhuri, the younger sister of Km. Maina, was very dear to all the family members since her childhood. She imbibed the spirits of Jain Religion since the feeding by the religious mother Mohini.

Km. Madhuri started school-education. She impressed all her teachers & classmates by her talent & behaviour and gradually passed High-School. Although academic heights were nowhere away from the girl but the path of Eternal Bliss was awaiting for her and only at the age of 11 years, km. Madhuri accepted the vow of celibacy for two years on Sharad Poornima, 25th Oct. 1969, when she saw her elder sister ‘Maina’ in the form of ‘Aryika Gyanmati Mataji’ for the first time at Jaipur (Raj.). Maina had left home in 1952 i.e. six years before the birth of Km. Madhuri. Later in 1971, on the day of Sugandh-Dashmi, Madhuri accepted the vow of lifelong-celibacy at Ajmer from Pujya Gyanmati Mataji at the age of 13 years. In which age, usual children only enjoy the life, Km. Madhuri accepted celibacy indicating her bright future. Infact, all the offsprings of mother Mohini had attained the specific religious temperament from the very first day.

Religious Studies & Guruseva Became the Aims of Life

Religious studies and full dedication according to the wish & directions of her Guru ‘Pujya Aryika Shri Gyanmati Mataji’, became the motto of the life of Brahmacharini Km. Madhuri. Along with attaining the religious degrees of Shastri, Vidyavachaspati etc., Km. Madhuri memorized thousands of Shlokas, Gathas etc. related with Jain-Agam, representing her unique intelligence. Besides these, loving-caring & helping nature for all, full dedication for Sangh & Guru, soft-spoken personality etc. made special impact & impression on Pujya Gyanmati Mataji and all the members of the sangh. Km. Madhuri remained Brahmacharini for 18 Years. The specificity was the continuous writing of Bhajans, Pujans, Chaleesas, Articles etc.along with studies & Guru-seva.

Aryika Deeksha to become ‘Chandnamati Mataji'

Disciples, who enter the tradition of Charitra-Chakravarti Acharya Shri Shantisagar Ji Maharaj, consider the adoption of ‘Sanyam’ as their jewel. In the same manner, Km. Madhuri accepted the vows of 2nd Pratima & 7th Pratima respectively at Delhi in 1982 and at Hastinapur in 1987. To adopt the highest rank of the asceticism in female life, Aryika Deeksha was adopted by Km. Madhuri Ji on Shravan Shukla Ekadashi, 13 Aug. 1989 at Jambudweep-Hastinapur by the holy hands of Pujya Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji to become ‘Aryika Chandnamati.’ The name was quite appropriate according to the attributes of Km. Madhuri, sweet & civilized in behaviour and moulded by skilled Gurus like AryikaRatna Shri Gyanmati Mataji & Aryika Shri Ratnamati Mataji (mother Mohini previously).

Effective Writer

Since childhood, Pujya Aryika Chandnamati Mataji had the unique capability of composing poetry, bhajans, aaratis etc. Gradually her talent was refined more and more and today she has become the author of above 150 Jain books on different aspects including about thousand poetic compositions in different forms. Within minutes, she prepares effective poetic creation for the ongoing event.

Poetic translation of the Gathas & Kalash-Kavyas of Samaysar, Bhaktamar Vidhan, Navgrah-Shanti Vidhan, Manokamna Siddhi Mahaveer Vidhan, Tirthankar Janmbhumi Vidhan, Sanskrit-Hindi Commentary of Mahavir Stotra, Gyan Jyoti ki Bharat Yatra, Amulya Pravachan (Of Pujya Gyanmati Mataji) and a number of other books are elaborately describing her efficient scholastic talent. She has done tremendous hardwork in the editing and compilation of Aryika Ratnamati Abhinandan Granth, Acharya Shri Veersagar Smriti Granth, Ganini Aryikaratna Shri Gyanmati Abhinandan Granth, Kundalpur Abhinandan Granth, Bhagwan Mahavir Hindi-English Jain Dictionary, Ganini Gyanmati Gaurav Granth & Bhagwan Parshvanath Tritiya Sahasrabdi Granth etc., all published by Digambar Jain Trilok Shodh Sansthan, Jambudweep-Hastinapur. She always remains indulged in reading-writing-teaching & utilizing her fertile mind in Dharma-Prabhavna following the ideals of her Guru Pujya Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji. She believes in work rather than only talks. Infact, she is an efficient, capable & creative personality. She also co-ordinates the monthly magazine of Sansthan, Jambudweep-Hastinapur i.e. ‘Samyakgyan’. At present, she is indulged in Hindi-translation of Siddhant-Chintamani Sanskrit Commentary (by Pujya Ganini Gyanmati Mataji) on the first Jain Siddhant Granth ‘Shatkhandagam’. Ten volumes with Hindi translation have been published while the further work is going on. She has command on Sanskrit & Hindi languages along with good knowledge of English. The book Jain Worship is her sincere effort in presenting the English-Pujans of some Tirthankar-Bhagwants for the present generation. The other remarkable contribution of her for the present times is the editing of the online Encyclopaedia of Jainism on Internet (www. encyclopediaofjainism.com) with a lot of hard-work. Indeed, this project will prove as a milestone for the assimilation of the informations of Digambar Jain tradition on the web-world.

Impressive Orator

One of the most specific attribute of the effective personality of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji is her impressive preaching capability according to the need of the occasion. Clear, organized, soft, filled with the devotion of Bhagwan Jinendra & the tradition of the first Acharya of the 20th century Charitra Chakravarti Acharya Shri Shantisagar Ji Maharaj, the words of Pujya Mataji always make deep impact on attending devotees and they are inspired on the path of the religion of restraint & virtuousness. Besides this, she gets various pujan-vidhans performed in her melodious voice in such a way that all participating devotees feel heavenly pleasure.

Exemplary Devotion for ‘Guru’

Pujya Chandnamati Mataji has remained associated with her Guru Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji like the shadow for last (more than) four decades in such a creative way that she always proves to be an important factor in the fulfilment of various work-plans of Pujya Ganini Mataji. The development of various Jain Tirths like Ayodhya, Mangitungi, Prayag, Kundalpur (Nalanda) etc. along with the organization of grand programmes have always witnessed the strong support of her.

Even on having ample talent & capability, Pujya Chandnamati Mataji never aspires for her separate image, which is worth-following in the age of today. Rather her dedication for her Guru has grown more & more with the growing age. She always inspires all the inmates of sangh to be dedicated to Pujya Ganini Mataji and tries her best to promote mutual understanding, support & love. Everybody wants to share own feelings with her because she has the strong quality to solve the problems by imparting motherly love but along with maintaining discipline

Staunch Follower of Guru Parampara or Tradition

Pujya Chandnamati Mataji is the follower of the tradition of Charitra-Chakravarti Acharya Shri Shantisagar Ji Maharaj from the core of the heart and often she says-“Even a single particle of mine is meant for the safeguard and the promotion of this flawless tradition.” She makes sincere efforts to attract the youngsters towards the stream of restraint & moral upliftment and also towards the tradition of Prathmacharya Shri Shantisagar Ji Maharaj. She inspires the youngs to be away from non-vegetarianism & fast food etc.

The Title of ‘Pragyashramni’ & Honorary Degree of Ph.D.

As the honour of the intellectual efficiency of Pujya Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji, she was conferred the title of ‘Pragyashramni’ by Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji on the concluding day of grand “Kalpadrum Mahamandal Vidhan” at Delhi in the year 1997.

Again on 8th Apr. 2012, she was honoured with the honorary degree of Ph.D. in the campus of Teerthankar Mahaveer University-Moradabad on the day of the first special convocation ceremony specifically for the Hindi-translation of the Siddhant-Chintamani Teeka of the first Jain Siddhant Granthraj ‘Shatkhandagam’. Even on the possession of the selected qualities of a great personality, Pujya Chandnamati Mataji always says that whatever fortune I am having in my life, that all is nothing but the blessings of Pujya Gyanmati Mataji and the nectar of the true knowledge showered on me by her, so even if my each & every particle is utilized for the conservation of our eternal culture, Jain-Tirths and for the service of our Gurus, it will be the most pleasant & satisfying achievement for me. At last, to conclude the brief description of the versatile personality of Pujya Pragyashramni Doctor Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji, I sincerely wish to Lord Jinendra that may her Ratnatraya proceed towards more & more completion with each passing moment and in coming few births only, she may attain Moksha-laxhmi i.e. Eternal Bliss.

Special Attributes

Here follows some magnetic points of the effective personality of Pujya Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji as her distinguishing features :

Your Generosity

Your heart is full of kind generosity, whenever somebody is in need, you never give a second thought to it and do the needful as per your capacity. One day a sanghasth lady told me-“When she was Madhuri Bahanji and used to look after all the arrangements, it was a cool morning of winters and I came after taking bath. I was shivering with cold, Bahanji saw me and at once went to her room and returned with a white shawl of her and wrapped me in that, I was hesitating but she was only smiling to win my heart forever. "Infact, generosity makes the person beloved for all." hhhh

Your Swiftness

The words ‘Laziness’ & Procrastination’ are fully out from the dictionary of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji and so from that of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji. Either it is daily routine or some national level programme, your swiftness in the work is always remarkable.

It was the occasion of the Panchkalyanak of Terahdweep Jinalaya at Jambudweep-Hastinapur in April-May 2007. On the first day of Garbhkalyanak, the stage had to be set for five Saudharma Indra-Indranis & their Sabhas etc. Till today, I remember that `Pujya Chhoti Mataji' stood there and directed all the youngsters to divide the stage into five parts with curtains etc. and within 1-2 hours all the arrangements were ready to initiate the programme. All were astonished & praising her swiftness. " Infact, swiftness with mind & in time is the index of the efficiency."

Your Engrossment into work

You remain deeply engrossed into work for hours just like your Guru-Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji. It was the year 2006, when “Ganini Gyanmati Gaurav Granth’ was being published on the occasion of the completion of 50 years of Aryika Deeksha of Ganini Mataji. The days and nights of two months saw Pujya Chandnamati Mataji deeply engrossed into writing, editing, giving directions related with proof-reading, setting, publication of the granth and so on along with the essentials of her Aryika-charya to come up with a unique creation of about 1100 pages. Same was the case in the year 2011, when she completed the Hindi Teekas of Shatkhandagam Books 9, 10 & 11 along with writing Samaysar Vidhan and Solahkaran Vidhan. Now-a-days, all of us see her drowned in the editing of www.encyclopediaofjainism.com with here young team. "Infact, without full engrossment & dedication for the work, the heights are not obtained."

Your Guru-Seva

The name of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji is taken as an ideal for the dedication to her Guru Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji. She never allows anybody also to disobey Pujya Mataji a bit.

It was the year of 2005, when the Aryika Sangh had reached Hastinapur after the long vihar (on foot journey) of Delhi, Allahabad, Kundalpur, Ayodhya etc. The days were scorching with the heat of the Sun and this heat adversely affected the health of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji. Till the Sangh reached Hastinapur in the mid of May 2005, Pujya Ganini Mataji was seriously ill. I still remember those days, when Pujya Chandnamati Mataji used to serve her without the distinction of day & night either it was the time of Ahar or Nihar or Vaiyavritti with full attention. On the night of 3rd Jun 2005, Pujya Ganini Mataji didn’t open her eyes even once, Bhaiji (Karmayogi Br. Ravindra Kumar Ji) was reciting various stutis beside her, a number of devotees of Pujya Mataji had come from various parts of the country, the whole night passed in such a critical condition. At 4 A.M. in the morning, Pujya Chandnamati Mataji called her-“Mataji! please get up now, the night has passed” and for the surprise of all, Pujya Mataji opened the eyes on the pious day of Janm-Deeksha & Nirvan Kalyanak of Bhagwan Shantinath. "Infact, the execution of the hearty feelings of Guru-Seva can do the miracles."

Your Hardness In Maintaining Discipline

Although it is not rational to expect toughness from an emotional person usually, but it is true in the case of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji when all her emotionality & softness are converted into hardness to maintain discipline either in the Sangh or during the convening of a smaller or higher programme. Sometimes it becomes tough to believe that she can become so hard also. Some years back there became some tiny clash between some staff members of Jambudweep-Hastinapur, however it aggravated to the extent that the two groups came to Bhaiji (now Swasti Shri Ravindra Keerti Swamiji). Bhaiji listened to their talks and requested Pujya Chandnamati Mataji to address them. She managed the situation so perfectly that both the groups realized their mistakes and apologized from each other ; thus the discipline was maintained. "Infact, softness is not fruitful everywhere, sometimes the person has to be hard also to maintain the required discipline."

Your Loving Nature

You shower your selfless love on all those, who come to you. Usually we avoid the persons who are harsh, rude in behaviour, unmannered and so on but we tend to sit down & talk with one, who is loving, talks softly in a mannered way along with having the respect for our self-esteem. Pujya Chandnamati Mataji has all these qualities and so all, either sangh-inmates or newcomers want to cling to her.

When this loving-nature becomes the root-cause of the attraction of one towards the path of true religion, it becomes meaningful in the real sense. So was the case with me when her vatsalya (motherly love) occupied the heart in such a way that academic bright career and worldly attractions becamehelpless in making their imprints on me and ultimately I could have the courage to accept Pichchhi & Kamandalu. "Infact, true love is that which inspires a person to adopt the path of Eternal Upliftment."

Your caring Nature

Becasue you care for all, so all care for you. Yes! it is the truth. Pujya Chandnamati Mataji cares for everybody, who comes to her. As far as, sangh-inmates are concerned, all tell their health-related or else problems if any, to her and she will decide-how to cure & what aushadhi etc. has to be given. Similarly, she takes care of sanghasth & other sadhus also as per their need. I often feel that before any need arises, she knows about it and arranges to complete the same before being told. Except this physical care, she also remains careful for the spiritual & moral upliftment of all by giving inspiring teachings & directions according to the situation & need. In the age of today, moral care is much more needed and that is bestowed by her in plenty. "Infact, one who cares for others is automatically cared by all."

Your sharing Nature

Loving, Caring & Sharing are the three important characteristics of a Mother and there is a perfect combination of all these in Pujya Chandnamati Mataji. She always has the patience to listen to the talks of the other, so the person becomes fully satisfied mentally that I have told all my problems with open heart to her and she will tell me the right way to overcome the situation and that too without disclosing to anybody. A number of times, the person gets more than half solace if somebody has listened to his/her talks with concentration i.e. by sharing the problem. "Infact, one must have the patience to listen to others also rather than to detail about own things only."

Your Toughness In Maintaining Traditions

Pujya Chandnamati Mataji is a staunch follower of the tradition of Charitra-Chakravarti Prathmacharya Shri Shantisagar Ji Maharaj, first Pattadhish Acharya Shri Veersagar Ji Maharaj and Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji, because this tradition is not a personal one. Moreover it comprises the trends, detailed in ancient Agam, written by ancient Acharyas. Pujya Ganini Mataji always says-“Even if the crowd doesn’t surround us ; people may criticize for the adoption of Panchamrit Abhishek, Abhishek by ladies, Navdha Bhakti of Aryika Matajis, the protection of Sajjati etc., we can never leave this tract because these practices have been enunciated by ancient Acharyas on the basis of the Divya-Dhwani of Tirthankar Bhagwants.” Pujya Chandnamati Mataji has received all these teachings since her childhood and so she remains unperturbed in maintaining these. She always says one thing :

‘Jis Desh Jati Me Janm Liya, Balidan Usi Per Ho Javen’ "Infact, one must be strict in maintaining & promoting the true path of religion because that is the root-cause of Eternal Bliss."

Your Decision-Making Power

Pujya Chandnamati Mataji has a tremendous power of taking quick decisions but with ample thought of the situation because decisions without thought may cause havoc and decisions with elongated thoughts after the required time has passed, are also meaningless. She has obtained this quality from Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji to be decisive in proper time and when some decision has been taken, all the efforts are made with sincere heart to meet the aims by both of them.

It was the month of Feb. of the year 2002, when the sangh was at Raja Bazar-Delhi. The time had arrived when the 2600 th Birth Anniversary of Bhagwan Mahaveer had to be celebrated on the national level. One day, Pujya Chandnamati Mataji said to Pujya Ganini Mataji-“Mataji! the best achievement of this year will be the development of the Birthplace of Bhagwan and it will be possible only when you yourself go there.” Pujya Mataji said-“Have you become crazy, Chandnamati! if it is so easy to go there.” “Mataji! nothing is impossible for you”-said Pujya Chhoti Mataji and within some hours, all of us were informed that sangh will do vihar for Kundalpur (Nalanda), the Birthplace of Bhagwan Mahaveer after one week only. "Infact, right decision at right time becomes fruitful for the whole society also."

Your Fondness of Dharma-Prabhavna Through Modern Means

Dharma-Prabhavna is one of the important attribute of Samyakdarshan and in the cyber-age of today, when the means of recreation & enjoyment are knowing no limits, it is not an easy task to attract the young generation towards the religion of austerity or renunciation of sensual pleasures through the conventional means. However by the utilization of the modern equipments & techniques such as computers, laptops, i-pads & internet etc., if the young generation takes interest in religious field, then these are fruitful in real sense. In the year 2009-2010 & onwards, by the use of internet the discourses of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji & Pujya Chandnamati Mataji were made available to the Jain-inmates of various cities of USA such as-California, New York, New Jersey, Texas etc. on the initiative of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji. The preparation of Jain Encyclopaedia on Internet is also a grand project of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji & her dedicated team on the inspiration of Pujya Ganini Mataji to propagate Digambar Jain tradition through the cyber world. Now-a-days, she inspires all the youngsters, who come to her, to utilize their knowledge of computers to load the informations & related material in www.encyclopediaofjainism.com under her guidance. "Infact, modern means are not meant for recreation only but they should be utilized for spiritual upliftment also."

Your Power of Solving Tough Situations By Talks

Sometimes in life the situations become worse by the ego & harsh behaviour of the concerned persons. Nobody wants to accept own mistake but only concentrates on what wrong the other has done. In such a condition, if somebody, authoritative, makes you to come down from the false hill of your ego and to realize your own drawback, then the things take proper shape. This happens a number of times when Pujya Chandnamati Mataji solves the tough appearing clashes between any two because most of time the apple of discord is very small and only the way of thinking & behaviour make it large. Besides this, her quality of setting the things by sensible & mindful talks works for greater projects of Dharma-Prabhavna also.

"Infact, one should develop the quality to settle the perplexed conditions rather than to aggravate them."

You always Inspire for Mutual Understanding & Love

One day a young Jain lady came to Jambudweep-Hastinapur with her husband and two small daughters. She requested to Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji to keep her in sangh. Pujya Mataji sent her to Pujya Chandnamati Mataji. She told-“Mataji! I want to leave home and to stay with you forever along with my daughters.” Pujya Chhoti Mataji was trying to understand the situation- “Why she is saying so ?” Although it was very easy for her to say-“Yes! you live here, we will take all care of you”, but she did-not. She talked for sometime and then told to lady that “Your home is the heaven for you and you should follow your husband and should bring-up your daughters well and whenever you want, you can come here to stay for some days.” After it, Pujya Mataji inspired her husband to give proper time for the family and to share their loneliness and never to abuse them. The whole family was united with new hope of mutual love & understanding and yes! It was the rightmost thing to be done.

"Infact, one should have the heart to flow the current of mutual faith between others rather than to serve own purpose."

Your Efficiency at work

Pujya Chandnamati Mataji is very efficient at any work, she takes in hand. Either it is the co-ordination of some big programme or it is writing of a book or it is the upkeep of the sangh or it is convening of the daily religious practices according to the wish of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji, she organizes all the things so perfectly that we always astonish & admire. She divides the different arrangements to different sangh-inmates and respective persons and due to her authoritative but melodious charm, the things are completed in time with proper standards by all. Basically this all happens because she herself remains fully attentive and hard-working all the time like Pujya Ganini Mataji. A variety of works are directed by her in a single day–sometime she is editing some book, sometime she is giving idea to a painter to draw the picture on a Jain story, sometime she is busy in meeting with Pujya Ganini Mataji & Swami Ravindra Keerti Ji over Mandir-Nirman or else, sometime she is in Mandirji to deliver the preachings or to sing the lines of a vidhan, sometime she is directing the group of children to upload the matter on Jain Encyclopaedia, sometime she is listening to the talks of daily visitors and so on ; yes! she is an efficient personality. "Infact, the efficiency of the person makes him/her valuable & centre of attraction for all."

You rule over the Heart

Really, Pujya Chandnamati Mataji rules over the hearts of all. Everybody becomes bound with her with the string of affection embraced with her different qualities. I often think, although both of the Mataji had not been educated at some college or renowned University, even then they are so well-versed in all their activities, so capable, so efficient, so perfect in the management of time & ruling over the hearts. The heart never says to disobey them a bit, why ? Because it is the charm of their divine qualities. Their motherly vatsalya with the continued inspirations to proceed on the path, which is the most beneficial, wins the dedication of all. It is not necessary that only college or University education develops all the personality traits but in some cases it is the power of renunciation, austerity & morality, which makes the person rather more perfect. "Infact, people are won by force for a limited time but they are won forever by the spell of qualities."

Your Unmatched dedication for your Guru

Pujya Chandnamati Mataji always says-“Whatever I am and whatever I will be, that is nothing but only the great mercy of my real ‘MAA’-Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji; who has bestowed the best gift of humanlife on me and that is the way to Liberation or Moksha-path. She has poured the nectar of real Gyan into me and she is everything for me.

C28 1.jpg

As a matter of fact, for a capable & efficient disciple, so much dedication for own ‘Guru’ is not always essential because when somebody lives in sangh, he/she has to have full endurance & patience and has to live under the discipline of Guru. Although sometimes the things are not fully according to self but even then one has to have fully adjustive temperament. Yes! it is very easy to be separated for own name, fame & independence but it is really tough to live happily and with full dedication under the discipline and this has been done by Pujya Chandnamati Mataji very well.

For more than four decades, she is always obeying Pujya Gyanmati Mataji sincerely, creating fully favourable environment for her from own side along with the feelings of hearty gratitude & reverence for her. Even today, she is so humble that as Pujya Mataji calls her, she at once stands up from her place leaving all the work in hand and attends the call. Even when Pujya Mataji expresses her unsatisfaction on some issue or arrangements, she will never speak harshly but will do the needful as early as possible so that Pujya Mataji may be satisfied. She always inspires all the sangh-inmates also that all of us have been gifted by the greatest gift in the form of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji by fortune, so everybody should assemble the punya of her seva, of obeying her orders, of getting her vatsalya (motherly love) with sincere heart. Pujya Chandnamati Mataji tries her best to keep the atmosphere of the sangh favourable for the full development of everybody i.e. an atmosphere of peace, of mutual love & of mutual understanding and I think that this also plays an important role behind the success of the projects taken over by Jambudweep-Hastinapur. By all her qualities stated above, she has won the heart of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji. "Infact, all disciples have love & affection for their Guru, but most fortunate is one, for whom Guru himself/herself has the feelings of love, satisfaction & overflowing blessings."

Your Regularity

Regularity is the index of success and it is well established in the life of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji. She remains very regular & attentive in her daily routine of Aryika Charya & else. The time remains set for each activity of the day and so a variety of works of Dharma Prabhavna are taken care of by her. When she starts some particular activity, she will do it regularly daily until the work is completed. Usually people start some work but after somedays they become irregular, sometimes they will do and sometimes they will not and so the work either remains uncompleted or is not completed in time. However the motto of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji remains that when some work is taken in hand, it should be performed with regularity & perseverance upto its completion. She can never sit idle without any creative work and when she is not able to do it because of some programme or talks with daily visitors, she feels herself uneasy. She often says-“How pleasant it will be, if without sleep at night, the life may be continued normally.” This is nothing but the dedication for work, which she has inherited from Pujya Ganini Mataji. "Infact, regularity itself comes when we have deep desire to do some meaningful & creative work and if it does-not, one should make efforts to be regular in life because success owing to it, leads to deep desire of more creative work."

Your belief in Practicality

Although Pujya Chandnamati Mataji is an emotional personality but not all the time. Basically she has full faith in practicality. ‘Life continues well with practical things and not by emotions & dreams only’-she always says. `Have dreams & plans for what is practically possible, don’t waste time for

C30 1.jpg


unpractical dreams’ remains her teaching for all and she herself follows the same pattern. As a matter of fact even a mega-project is completed gradually, when practical ways are found out and hard-work is made for their execution with sincere perseverance rather than having higher thoughts & dreams and doing nothing important in practical. This had been the truth of the life of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji, Pujya Chandnamati Mataji and Peethadheesh Swasti Shri Ravindra Keerti Swamiji. The results in the forms of Jambudweep-Hastinapur, Tirthankar Rishabhdev Tapasthali-Prayag, Nandyavarta Mahal Tirth at Bhagwan Mahavir Birthplace-Kundalpur (Nalanda), 108 ft. high idol of Bhagwan Rishabhdev being constructed at Mangitungi (Maharashtra) and a number of others, are before the eyes of all of us. "Infact, a reality remains a dream in its origin but this seed does-not germinate upto fruits since the climate & essential nutrients of practicality do-not support it."

Your Optimism
C32 1.jpg

Pujya Pragyashramni Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji is an optimistic person. She always has the tendency to see the bright aspect of the things/events and says-“See one night between two days rather than seeing a day between two nights.” She never likes pessimistic talks of anybody. She has the opinion-

Life is a gift, accept it
Life is a love, enjoy it
Life is a struggle, fight it
Life is a tragedy, face it
Life is a duty, perform it
People lose heart by persistent adverse conditions in life and life becomes meaningless for them. When such a person comes to Pujya Chandnamati Mataji, she fills him/her with a new attitude & hope by her optimistic views. A number of examples I have noticed at different times.

A teenager boy used to come to Pujya Mataji for her darshan. One day he fell victim to a road accident but somehow he was saved from a major mishap and was treated at hospital. A number of times he lost hope but Pujya Mataji continuously addressed him with the stories of Karma-siddhant, when he used to come to his home at Jambudweep-Hastinapur. He, the only son of his parents, gradually became well and now he is trying to have a different positive attitude for life even after his mother expired unfortunately some months back. "Infact, optimism is the correct attitude of life. When we think that everything has been lost, the future still remains."

Your Belief In creativity

Success comes to the person, who has full faith in creative & innovative attitude rather than wasting own powers for destructive purposes. This is the truth of the life of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji and so of her disciple Pujya Chandnamati Mataji. Both of them say-“If you want to minimize a drawn line, don’t rub it but draw a longer line beside it. It means-you should neither use your time & powers for the destruction of the achievement of the other nor even for having jealousy from it, rather you should utilize yourself for doing the creative work in actual sense. You yourself will become high. Pujya Ganini Mataji often says-“Hard-work with Bhakti of Bhagwan Jinendra can even change the lines of your palm.” When it was the time of the development of Bhagwan Mahavir Birthplace-Kundalpur (Nalanda), all of us saw Pujya Chandnamati Mataji deeply engrossed into the studies of related Jain Agam Granthas and discussions with various scholars. The development of Nandyavarta Mahal Tirth at Kundalpur in 18 months only, was the outcome of the creative mental setup of the whole group of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji. Pujya Chhoti Mataji always said-“We will make all the efforts for the establishment of the truth of Agam."Infact, what energy is wasted in negative feelings of destruction, should be channelized to positive feelings of creation, so that big achievements come our way."

Your Fertile Mind

‘Pujya Chandnamati Mataji is an intelligent & talented personality with fertile mind’. This fact is manifested by her writings, her teaching-method, her working capacity, her co-ordination & ideas for a particular project etc.

At the age of only 11 Years, she memorized 34 gathas of Gommatsar Jeevkand and narrated amidst the people, this assured Pujya Gyanmati Mataji about the talent of the girl. Gradually, her writing of Bhajans-Aaratis-Chaleeas etc. manifested her poetic capabilities. She also started writing articles for the monthly magazine of Jambudweep Sansthan-‘Samyakgyan’ along with learning the gathas of ancient scriptures and doing other religious studies. She teaches Vyakaran, Chhand, Nyay, Siddhant, Mandal Vidhan & Pratishtha Vidhi, Jain Geography and all other subjects to sangh-inmates & newcomers as per the directions of Pujya Gyanmati Mataji for years now. When she taught 'Aapt-Mimansa' to us, I felt a number of times that in the first instance, nothing used to come to mind but when she explained the things, it became clarified fully. Her pronunciation of Sanskrit & Prakrit is so clear, pure & well-settled that it always fascinates all. She has developed a good knowledge of Sanskrit grammer & language over the years. As far as ‘English’ is concerned, her deep interest & exercise for the language has made her proficient far above than her school-education. People are not able to write poetry in English and speaking even after their post-graduation in the subject but she pens down English Pujas-Bhajans and also gives lectures in English, when Summer-School delegates from foreign countries assemble to know about Jainism. The Hindi translation of the Siddhant-Chintamani Sanskrit Teeka (by Pujya Ganini Mataji) of the 16 books of Shatkhandagam ; Hindi poetic translation of the gathas of Samaysar ; Vidhans of Samaysar, Solahkaran, Dashlakshan, Bhaktamar, Navgrah etc. and other creations are testimony of her calibre, for which she has been conferred the title of ‘Pragyashramni’ and later the honorary degree of Ph.D. by Teerthankar Mahaveer University-Moradabad. She has always played an important role in the organization of various national & international seminars on Jambudweep, Jain Cosmology, Character-building, Antiquity of Jainism etc. in different years. She remained the mastermind in the organization of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Aryika Deeksha of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji in 2006 on the national level. The programme met with grand success. She established ‘Ganini Gyanmati Award’ in 1995 for felicitating a Jain scholar or a prominent Jain-Worker for his/her unique contribution in the propagation of Digambar Jain culture. This award consists of 1 lac rupees in cash along with citation etc. By the inspiration of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji, `Ganini Gyanmati Deeksha-Tirth' was developed at Madhorajpura (Raj.), where Pujya Ganini Gyanmati Mataji was initiated as ‘Aryika Gyanmati’ by the holy hands of Acharya Shri Veersagar Ji Maharaj, the first pattacharya disciple of Prathmacharya Charitra Chakravarti Shri Shantisagar Ji Maharaj. Besides all these, I personally always admire her tackling of situations with presence of mind in grave conditions also. "Infact, intelligence of mind is fruitful in the real sense, when it is utilized for the eternal upliftment of self & others. "

Your indifference to Name & Fame
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It is a great attribute of Pujya Chandnamati Mataji that she never remains after own name & fame. A disciple, who thinks of own popularity, can-not live under the instructions of the Guru for a longer time. On the contrary, she says that if the heart of my Guru remains happy & satisfied with me, it is the most valuable thing for me rather than my praise by the people. Although she has full calibre yet she never aspired for her separate existence and it is worth-following. Moreover, she always inscribesdevotion & dedication towards Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji on the hearts of all the newcomers into the sangh.

Deeksha is taken primarily for Atm-Kalyan rather than for name & fame. And whatever popularity is gained being affixed on the path of Agam & the tradition of Charitra Chakravarti Acharya Shri Shantisagar Ji Maharaj, only that is acceptable. If old traditions of Agam are broken and popularity is gained, it is never acceptable. This principle is the truth of the life of both the Mataji. "Infact, for meaningful life, popularity should not be the aim but true principles should be on the top for us. "

Your Sensible Nature

For becoming a good human-being, one should have a sensible set-up of mind. It means, one should have the capability to think in a justified & impartial manner over any event or situation, that what is correct & what is not correct. Some people make the things complex due to their ego and do-not want to accept own mistakes.

But Pujya Chandnamati Mataji tackles the things in such a way that the right fact is established and the person accepts the mistake and it happens because Pujya Mataji listens to the talks of both the sides with impartial & rational mind and tells the justified thing. As far as she herself is concerned personally, she always remains contented within the justified limits and never aspires beyond that. "Infact, to remain happy in life and to be valuable for others also, one should not have inertia of mind rather he/she should be sensible enough to establish the justified thing and bold enough to accept own mistakes also. "

Your Calm-Cool & Humble Nature

Pujya Chandnamati Mataji remains calm & cool most of the time and do-not lose patience even in the moments of tension. Your smiling face makes the person to share all his/her joys & sorrows with you freely but you deny listening to the elongated complex family talks of the visitors. She says-“If I had the likings for all these family matters, why I would have been come to this field of asceticism.” She tells the solution to the problems of anybody according to the Jain practices only. Pujya Mataji always remains confident & strong mentally and we never see a pinch of proud in her. Although she is the main disciple of a great legendary Guru and herself is quite talented but she remains a fully humble & down to-earth personality. Her clearcut talks & behaviour are also the important traits of her effective personality. She will tell the things clearly rather than twisted talks so that no suspicion is created in the mind of the other. And she expects the same from the other also. She never likes the ambiguous talks of anybody. However, in telling a fact clearly, she maintains balance also so that the person is not hurt. She always says- '‘I never want to hurt the self-pride & self-respect of anybody.” Although she remains calm & cool normally but she also knows-how to make discipline by being tough & so sometimes she scolds the guilty person in the way so that he/she may realize and may try not to repeat the mistake again. "Infact, for the development of an effective personality, a number of traits are needed. Calm & cool nature along with the capacity to maintain the discipline by being tough is also one of them."

Your leading capacity
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Yes! Pujya Chandnamati Mataji has the capacity to lead. It is either her charm or her great Punya or both that all are bound with her with hearty affection either the disciples in the sangh or the influential personalities of the Samaj or the family-members, all respect & love her and also remain prepared to obey her commands.

When there is need, she becomes very authoritative also leaving all the softness aside, so that the particular creative work is completed in a disciplined way. I think it is very proper because neither the softness and nor the toughness all the time, makes the things done but it is their proper blending, by which success comes to us. Pujya Chhoti Mataji likes the organized work and herself performs the things in an organized way. Sincerity for the work is her characteristic. Her teaching remains for everybody-‘Never leave Dharma (Jain Religion), Dhairya (Patience) & Guru in any condition and it is the truthof her own life also.
"Infact, one must develop the capacity to lead and for that firstly one should be organized, hard-working, sincere, sensible and disciplined in life."
Although Pujya Pragyashramni Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji is famous by the name of ‘Chhoti Mataji’ but she is having enough virtuous qualities to become higher & higher in her life. Her deep dedication for her Guru has elevated her in all respects-Gyan, Charitra, Working skills, Social- recognition and so on and she acknowledges this with great gratitude. It is also worth following for the disciples of the present age. I have tried to point out some characteristic attributes of Pujya Mataji, whatever I have felt by living in her pious patronage. However it is very sure that the journey on the path of Salvation is for realizing the infinite qualities of the eternal soul and one who is virtuous enough, can better meet the aim. At last, with Innumerable Vandan & Hearty Gratitude for Pujya Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji, the astonishing sculptor & Pujya Pragyashramni Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji, the miraculous sculpture, I conclude my words with a well-known saying :

Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime,
And departing leave behind us

Foot prints on the sands of time.